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Pamela Dale


Pamela Dale, is the NY creator of artistic, unique, hand-crafted jewelry. Having dealt only with private clients in the past, she is now introducing her line to a wider audience with her very beautiful and distinctive collection.  Much of her inspiration comes from her passion for contrasts, raw/refined, rough/smooth, organic/geometric and their place within the environment. The level of detail in every piece is remarkable. The result is stunning, limited edition pieces that harness the beauty, color, and facets of nature.


Having been influenced by her mother, a fashion model, Pamela Dale’s jewelry is timeless and chic. She graduated college with a Business Degree, and then focused her education in a more creative direction, attending New York Isabel O’Neil Studio and Parsons School of Design.  


While attending jewelry design schools, Pamela Dale developed her visionary approach of a modern mix of "perfectly imperfect" and  exclusive designs. Utilizing common, precious and semi-precious stones, her jewelry is hand crafted in NYC. Peach, Rose and Pink golds are a personal favorite and all gold designs are made with eco-friendly, recycled gold.

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